Melt & Pour Ice Cream Soaps!



 2 cups of Goats Milk Glycerine Soap Base
Essential Oil of your choice (we like lavender!) 
Optional: Food Coloring


1. Microwave safe bowl
2. Butter knife for "swirl" technique
3. Handstand Kitchen silicone mold of your choice - We are celebrating the start of summer with our Ice Cream Parlor Cupcake Mold!


1. Cut soap base into 1/2 inch small cubes.
2. Pour into microwave-safe bowl, and melt in *20 second increments. Should take about 2 minutes total. 
3. Take bowl out of microwave, and add 6 drops of essential oil. 

4. Option 1: 
Drop 1 choice of food coloring into soap base and stir. 
    Option 2: 
Wait until soap base is in silicone mold to use different colors of food coloring. Drop different colors into each cavity and "swirl" for a swirly look. 

5. Pour melted soap base into Handstand Kitchen silicone mold.
6. Let sit for 3 hours.

Cleaning tips: Put all soap-making supplies in a bucket full of hot water. Let sit for 30 minutes. After, hardened soap should peel right off. Do not add soap or anything else to hot water. If planning to use molds for food use in the future, sanitize & soak in rubbing alcohol afterwards. Rinse with hot water. Dry. 

Disclaimer: Handstand Kitchen recommends you have a set of molds specifically for crafts and another for baking. Please do not use the same mold for both crafting and baking, in order to avoid any potential health risks. 

June 29, 2021 — Handstand Kitchen