How to Make Soap Bars 

Disclaimer: Handstand Kitchen recommends you have a set of molds specifically for crafts and another for baking. Please do not use the same mold for both crafting and baking, in order to avoid any potential health risks. 



Handstand Kitchen Silicone Cupcake Mold
Microwave-safe large measuring cup
Small whisk or spoon for stirring
Tray or baking sheet (for easy transportation of mold & reduced mess!)
Adult Supervision!



Melt & Pour Soap Base
Essential Oils
Soap Colorant and/or Mica Powder
Craft/ Soap Safe Glitter (optional)


 1. Cut the soap base into small cubes with the knife. If there are not already indentations, cut into 1x1 inch cubes.

2. Put the soap cubes into the measuring cup and microwave at 30 second intervals. Stir in between. Do this until all the solid pieces are melted. 

*Be careful to not over heat it, as it could bubble over and also create tiny air bubbles in your soap bar.

3. Carefully remove the measuring cup from the microwave and add in essential oils for scent and any coloring and glitter while the soap is still liquid.

4. Place the silicone mold onto the tray and pour the melted soap mixture into the mold.

5. Let it sit for an hour or until fully cooled and solidified. 

6. Take your soaps out of the mold and wash your hands for 20 seconds!



February 02, 2022 — Handstand Kitchen